ICE Emergency App – Protection To Life

ICE is a term that stands for In Case of Emergency and ICE emergency Apps can be added to the contacts of the users in their smart phones for telling emergency responders like fire fighters, medical professionals, police officers, etc… in such a way that when the smart phone user suddenly suffers from some trauma and cannot express the same by themselves. When a person has ICE on his contact list, emergency responders can immediately call his lovable person to inform about the circumstance of the user. These applications will be suitable not only for aged people, but it will be useful for kids as well to inform their parents in the case of any sudden injury to them.

The user can add more than a single ICE contact like ICE1, ICE2, etc… The user can also add information like any medical conditions and allergies faced by them on the notes section of their contact list in such a way that medical professional can know if they are allergic to some medicines even when they are unconscious to express the same. Another benefit of adding ICE Emergency app in the phone is that when the phone is suddenly lost and the stranger finding it can contact the ICE number for getting details about the owner of the mobile. Now, the doubt that would be arising in the mind of a smart phone user, whose contact list is protected what would the first responders do? They need not worry about it since some of the app creators offering these apps in such a way that it can be accessed even from a password protected phone.

Some of the best features offered by some app creators are custom screen lock, emergency services, medical history records in such a way that medical professionals can offer the right kind of treatment after clearly knowing whether the patient is allergic to certain medicines.

With the increasing number of app developers, there is a heavy competition among the developers to offer the best possible software to their customers. Due to this competition, some of the best features like silent mode apps are offered along with ICE apps and with this feature, the users can turn on their mobile on silent when they are going to bed or when they in a theatre or in a meeting, they can completely concentrate on their main task and when a contact from his list of contacts calls or sends SMS, it will ring. Here, it should be remembered that the best software offering silent mode app should be selected.

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