Tower Defense Games

Free flash player games have become quite a rage nowadays. Not only teenagers and young adults, we even find grown-ups who are addicted to these games! TD or tower defense is a sub-category of strategy computer games. These games are high on action and hard to let go of once you get the hang of it. There are innumerable websites that have a large selection of tower defense games. One of the most popular tower defense games is “SNAFU Tower Defense”. The rules are fairly simple to follow. A varied choice of missions is offered and the player can choose anything from Troll Fisher, which has a battle ground involving both land and water, to Omega, which is the ultimate quest. The player is required to prevent the enemy units from invading the home camp and to do this, seven different towers, ranging from barricades to EMP towers, must be built and strategically placed across the ground. The suspense is gripping and you can get immersed in game trying to attack waves of units that consist of all conceivable kinds of forces.

Another equally engaging game would be “Tower Defense Generals”. You can opt to play with one of three warriors: Nicova Kramer, Bigzz Ferryman or Jaw-Tech 04. Once you select your warrior, you become the General of the particular battle ground. You have to strategically place towers like sniper towers, radars and some which can slow your enemy’s pace in and around the area to attack successive waves of enemy units, each more powerful than the previous.

Another highly developed game is “Zykon TD”. The towers here resemble tanks and they have to attack enemies coming in from the left and the bottom. As you progress in the game, you are allowed to increase the number as well as the variety of towers that you can place, the basic towers being called Robocop and Laser.”Invasion from Hell Oceania” is one of the most frequently played games on the site. Much more complicated than the ones talked about before, this one is set ten years into the future when aliens invade the earth through its surface. There are a set of soldiers you can command and they move across the terrain to attack the invading aliens. The soldiers need to be trained and then controlled. This game is also one of the highest rated games on the site.

“Penguins Attack” is a fun tower defense game. Divided into seven levels, it involves strategically placing towers to protect your territory from hoards of vicious penguins. The penguins can move deceptively quickly and you need to be alert at all times. All the tower defense games have towers that can be upgraded and sold to procure better models. The site is completely free and the tower defense games, falling under the “Action” category, can keep you engaged for hours on end.

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